Technical Program Symposium

Waste Management and Circular Economy

Waste management and Circular Economy and Secondary Mining to reduce the environmental footprint of copper producing operations have become more and more important over the years. Both restrictions on available space and increased social awareness of environmental, safety and health risks associated with waste materials require new solutions.
waste materials require new solutions.

Topics include:

• Governance of waste management
• Waste management and community
• Risk informed decisions in waste management
• Closure planning and implementation
• Water management in mining waste disposal
• Disposal technologies and strategies
• Physical and chemical stability of tailings, waste rock and leached piles disposal
• Geotechnical uncertainties in waste disposal
• Monitoring and surveillance
• Copper: Recycling, Recovery and Reuse
• Recovery of copper and valuable metals
• Extraction of thermal energy from slag
• Strategies to obtain specific slags to be recycled
• Circular Economy applied to copper extraction and production
• Energy, environment and slags
• Slags to reduce environmental impact
• Slags for energy transformation
• Recycling of copper using molten salts
• Fabrication of alloys and materials using copper slags
• Case studies of copper recovery from industrial residues
• Green slag valorization and circular cities
• Reducing losses of copper by changes in slag viscosity
• Future of Circular Economy in the copper industry
• Alternative uses of copper residues
• Primary v/s secondary production: the role of Circular Economy
• Developments of sustainable recycling industries

Symposium Team

Luis Valenzuela, Sergio Barrera, José Campaña, René Orellana, John Pottie, Caius Priscu, Jorge Troncoso, Cecilia Riveros, Mario Sánchez, Georgios Kolliopoulos, Toru Okabe, Marcelo Bustos, Pedro Reyes, Fernando Parada, Claudio Aguilar, José Palacios, Romina Cayumil, Seshadri Seetharaman