Technical Program Symposium

Economics, Markets and Applications

The Copper Economics, Market and Applications Symposium will focus on key market drivers related to the copper industry in the medium and long term; new sources of supply and demand, the challenge of commercially viable new developments, global warming, demographic changes and opportunities for new demand and products in a wide range of key industries including engineering, electric and electronics, infrastructure, healthcare, automotive and renewable energies, etc.

Topics include: 

  • Outlook for copper demand in the main markets, and the supply & demand balance.
  • Copper market impact of new supply sources such as tailings, seabed mining and primary sulphide hydrometallurgy.
  • China’s dominating position in smelting and refining and its impact on the concentrate market. Opportunities to develop a commercial contract to back up an investment for a new smelting capacity in Chile.
  • Fabrication of copper and copper alloys
  • Strategic product portfolio from a producer’s perspective.
  • Fabrication of Copper and Copper Based Alloys
  • Characterization of refined copper-based products and the irruption of Green Copper, traceability, digitalization, and the Copper Mark.
  • The impact of a circular economy on the recycling industry and the alternative of renting copper instead of selling it, with the consequent reduction in CAPEX for specific projects (windfarms, fish cages, etc.)
  • New developments in electromobility and its impacts on copper demand.
  • Challenges and opportunities to fulfill the requirements of the Copper Mark.
  • Antimicrobial copper and its new applications and product developments. The Chilean experience.
  • Green Hydrogen and its impact on the CO2 footprint of Chilean copper supply.
  • EU’s regulatory concern about the biocidal property of copper bulk shipments.

Symposium Team

Jürgen Leibbrandt, Claudia Monreal, Víctor Pérez, Jorge Cantallops, Gonzalo Cuadra, Fernando Luccini