Technical Program Symposium


The Hydrometallurgy Symposium will focus on the most recent advances in leaching and solvent extraction, as well as on the fundamental research, development, and/or application of innovative hydrometallurgical processing technologies. As in the previous copper hydrometallurgy symposia, a good balance between academic and industrial presentations will be sought. Process analysis should be oriented to, but not limited to the copper extraction, enrichment and recovery from ores, concentrates, process solutions, scrap, or waste.

Topics include:

  • Acid leaching of oxide copper ores and sulphide ore leaching (chloride, biological and other oxidants)
  • Chalcopyrite: advanced in molecular and kinetics models of leaching in different media
  • Oxidative copper concentrates atmospheric/pressure leaching
  • Polymetallic ores and concentrates processing
  • Complex and dirty concentrates. Hydrometallurgical processing: green alternative to the smelting of concentrates
  • Copper recovery from mining residues by hydrometallurgical processing: Ripios, low grade ROM and other residues
  • Copper solvent extraction applications and developments
  • Emerging technologies for copper hydrometallurgy
  • Modelling, simulation and optimization
  • New industrial projects.
  • Gold-associated copper hydrometallurgy
  • Automation and in-line control in heap leaching of primary copper sulfide
  • Advances in machinery and equipment in heap leaching and SX operations
  • Impurities control and recovery in ore and concentrates leaching and SX processing

Symposium Team

Jorge Ipinza, Marcelo Jo, Esteban Domic, Juan Patricio Ibáñez, Felipe Lagno, Francisco Arriagada, Piero Casanello, María Elisa Taboada, Angelo Avello, Cesar Cerón, Vanesa Bazán, Yuri Zepeda, Andrés Reghezza, Christian Pastén, Leonor Ardiles, Rodrigo Zambra, Enrique Román, Juan Bastidas, Rodrigo Ortiz, Lilián Velásquez