Technical Program Symposium


A significant part of the world copper cathodes production is obtained from electrowinning, process that has shown significant advances, such as improved mass transfer, and anode overvoltage reduction.
On the other hand, the electro refined copper production has grown substantially since it was established in the late nineteenth century. Improvements in current efficiency, materials handling, electrolyte flow technologies, process control and automation have led to substantial production increases.

The Electrowinning and Electrorefining symposium will discuss relevant topics, such as:

• Fundamental aspects of EW/ER processes
• Recent technological developments in plant design and materials
• Relevant projects in execution
• Improvements in operating practices, electrodes handling technologies and energy optimization
• Development of new anodes for EW
• Acid mist capture in EW cells
• Technologies in impurities removal from the electrolyte (As, Sb, Bi)
• Refining slimes treatment methods. By-products obtention
• Labor skills and competencies,
• Housekeeping, occupational health and safety
• Structural integrity of assets, corrosion, infiltration, and earthquakes protection
• Impurities mass balances and chloride control

Symposium Team

Rodrigo Abel, Marco Cifuentes, Tomás Vargas, Alejandro Lillo, Reinaldo Mendoza, Jorge Zúñiga, Isabel Venegas, Mauricio Chovar, Andrés Reghezza, Edmundo Morales, Juan Carlos Salas, Gerardo Cifuentes Molina