Technical Program Symposium

The Igor Wilkomirsky Symposium on Copper Pyrometallurgy

The objective of the Symposium is to bring together professionals in the Copper Pyrometallurgy worldwide, to address the latest innovations in this field and its impact on the copper industry. The Symposium will also provide an excellent opportunity to know and discuss about current developments in copper concentrates processing.

Main topics to be covered will be the following:

  • Filtration and drying of concentrates
  • Transport, storage and mixing of concentrates
  • Pyrometallurgical processing of concentrates (including roasting)
  • Gas cleaning, acid production / sulfur fixation and pollutant emissions
  • Hydrometallurgical processing of concentrates
  • Processing of concentrates with high impurity content
  • Processing of polymetallic concentrates
  • Matte or white metal processing through hydrometallurgical, electrometallurgical, or other processes
  • Fire refining of blister copper and gas cleaning of refining process
  • Processing of slags, dusts, liquid wastes and intermediate materials (reverts)
  • Recovery of by-products
  • Current operations: processes and technologies, automation and control, energy management, water and environment, performance indicators, maintenance practices
  • Refractories
  • New concentrates processing projects (including pre-investment, execution, commissioning, and post-project analysis stages)
  • New concentrate processing technologies
  • New technologies for emissions reduction
  • New technologies for waste reduction
  • Present and future environmental regulations
  • Research and development
  • Smelter and refinery business
  • Marketing of concentrates and by products
  • Strategies and businesses in the processing of concentrates, local, global and mixed
  • Carbon and ecological footprint management in concentrates processing
  • Use of Green Hydrogen
  • Pyrometallurgical process modelling

Symposium Team

Ricardo Bassa, Sergio Demetrio, Roberto Parra, Iván Valenzuela, Claudio Dodds, Germán Richter, Alfredo del Campo, Fernando Rojas, Gerardo Renner, Juan Carrasco, Pedro Reyes, Luis González, Roberto Martínez, Igor Wilkomirsky, Juan Carlos Vargas, Claudio Rojas, Marcelo Bustos, Gabriel Riveros, Claudio Queirolo, Roberto Parada