Technical Program Symposium


Mining Sector is one of the leading industries in driving UN’s Sustainability Goals, expanding practices on environmental stewardship, social and governance aspects that are important to society and investors.

In recent years, the mining sector embedded sustainability practices and principles into all facets of mining, from exploration to project development and construction, operation and minerals processing, closure, and post-closure. By doing so, the mining sector streamlines value delivery and creation for the business, surrounding communities and the environment.

Topics of Interest:

• Environmental, Social and Governance practices and programs
• Community engagement and participation
• Social Value and Social License to Operate (SLO)
• Climate change mitigation and adaptation
• Energy and water conservation and management
• Air quality, carbon emissions and control
• Copper contribution to circular economy and sustainable material management
• Risk assessment and management
• Health and safety in mining operations
• Sustainable supply chain related to copper mining and product delivery
• Operations closure, post-closure management and future land use planning
• Sustainability reporting and certifications (GRI, ISO, Copper Mark, others)
• Long term biodiversity impacts

Symposium Team

Iván Cerda, Doina Priscu, Juanita Galaz, Katiuska Barahona, Jaime Solari, Fernando Flores, Andrés López, Alejandra Acuña, Marianela Mella, Teresa Esquivel