Technical Program Symposium

Mineral Processing

The symposium will focus on new developments in comminution, flotation and upgrading of copper ores, slags and by-products. It will demonstrate how advances in ore-characterization, comminution, flotation chemistry, hydrodynamics, and froth characterization, as well as final product dewatering have been applied to boost production, recovery, grade and profits. Presentations will show how mineralogy and process characterization, modelling and simulation, and application of process optimization strategies have helped achieving these objectives. The symposium will also highlight recent research findings and describe new operations, expansions to existing plants, in-plant modifications, and enhancements to process and control equipment.

Topics include:

• Ore characterization
• Comminution practice
• Comminution optimization
• Ore sorting and upgrading
• Flotation fundamentals
• Flotation optimization
• Dewatering
• Process modelling

Symposium Team

Jaime Sepúlveda, Joselyn Quinteros, Jessica Olate, Gerson Sandoval, Claudia Cabrera, Elizabeth Alarcón, Romke Kuyvenhoven