From the IIMCh: They invite to participate in Copper 2022.

A few months before Copper 2022 is held in Santiago, the organizers invite those interested to register, both to attend the various conferences, lectures and courses, as well as for companies in the sector to present their products and/or services.
Copper 2022 invitación

The Chilean Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMCh) is the organizer of the 11th edition of the Conference in Santiago de Chile, from November 13 to 17.

In this version, in addition to the conferences of exhibitors from different parts of the world and with topics ranging from the technical topics of copper production, the sustainability with which companies must operate and what the future holds both in demand for the mineral and the way in which it is extracted and processed, are part of the program that is contemplated in this opportunity.

«We invite all professionals working in the mining sector and those who wish to know what the sector is doing, to join us in this opportunity, which after nine years returns to Chile and under the organization of our Institute», said Fernando Silva, Vice President of the IIMCh.

He added that, as part of the Conference, several companies from the sector will be part of the fair. «In addition to the exhibitions, we have created a fair where mining companies and suppliers can not only exhibit their products and services, but also generate opportunities for conversation and potential business, so we invite you to get information and be part of this international face-to-face meeting,» added Silva.

He also indicated that there are still spaces in the fair sector in case there are companies interested in being part of this IIMCh milestone.

Finally, Silva pointed out that this is an important year for the mining sector. «Both in Chile and in other mining countries we have lived through a complex and uncertain year, which added to the pandemic that kept us away from the presential, make this Copper a great opportunity to meet again and talk about the sector.»

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Santiago, September 20, 2022