Hans Göpfert breaks down the scenario for Copper 2022

Hans Göpfert, an outstanding civil mining engineer from the University of Chile, who has more than 40 years of experience in the mining industry, describes that «The Copper 2022 International Conference will be developed under the influence of what is happening with copper in the world and that is given by the energy transition, which was triggered by the measures to address climate change».
Hans Gopfert

«The bulk of the conference in terms of time is dedicated to technical symposia, where there will be exhibitors from about 30 countries that will report on different innovations and operational situation in the 10 thematic areas that are; economy, market and applications, mineral processing, pyro-metallurgy, hydro-metallurgy, electrometallurgy, sustainability, use of processes for innovation, ¬-automation and design, waste management, circular economy and geometallurgy», as noted by the Technical Chair of Copper 2022.

In addition to the presence of a wide range of exhibitors, there will be an important female participation, which reaches a third of the total. «Their presentations will be seen both in the short courses, passing through the round table and culminating in the technical presentations, emphasizing that this significant number of women, denotes the evolution that the industry has had in recent times», said Hans Göpfert.

He added that the development of the Conference can be visualized, either in person or via telematics, so that from the technical and technological approach it is a challenge that the Institute of Mining Engineers of Chile is contemplating after the current measures that the country is facing.

«In view of the situation that the world is going through, both exhibitors and potential international attendees who will not be able to attend in person will have the opportunity to connect telematically».

A relevant aspect that he wants to highlight is the participation in the conference of Igor Wilkormirsky, the largest inventor of patents in Chile and that in this conference he will be given a well-deserved recognition for his years of hard work, giving his name to the pyrometallurgy symposium».

Finally, the Technical Chair made a call to register to participate between November 13 and 17 of this year. To do so, you can access the official website of Copper 2022 (www.copper2022.cl) or from the Institute itself (www.iimch.cl), where you can also find the program and schedule of the conferences to be held.

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