Economics, Markets and Applications

The Copper Economics, Market and Applications Symposium will focus on key market drivers related to the copper industry in the medium and long term; new sources of supply and demand, the challenge of commercially viable new developments, global warming, demographic changes and opportunities for new demand and products in a wide range of key industries […]


The Symposium on Geometallurgy will focus on aspects related to process definitions driven by geological and/or mineralogical constraints, mine planning, and design features. The development and the evaluation of the process value chain using geometallurgy will be an essential piece of this Symposium. Presentations will as well be welcomed related to projects/operations, shoving a significant […]


Sponsorships Copper/Cobre 2022 The International Copper Conference 2022 is one of the most important events worldwide related to research and diffusion concerning copper processing, its alternative uses, and innovation and future challenges. More than 1000 professionals coming from all over the world will give life to this event that is held every three years and […]


Registered participants will have the chance to share knowledge and experiences with renowned leaders in their fields of expertise. We encourage you to grow your professional network and be part of this event with the key players in the mining industry.


APPROVAL OF ABSTRACTS Authors from around the world submitted abstracts for the Copper 2022 Conference, of which more than 300 have been approved. Now begins the stage where each of them must prepare the final version of their paper. We invite authors to start the process of preparing their papers by downloading the «TEMPLATE TO […]


The COPPER-COBRE 2022 conference will be held in Santiago, Chile, between November 13 and 17, 2022, and will mark the 11th edition of this conference series.The principal activities are: